Throughout my professional editorial relationship with Reba Hilbert I have come to the following realization: she is the most articulate, decisive, constructive and talented copywriter and editor I have ever worked with. Beginning with my graduate thesis and continuing with my smaller projects and manuscripts, Reba has maintained a remarkable and refreshing zest for the art of editorial critique. Her writing style is fluid, professional and multi-faceted. She is, without a doubt, the most personable and reliable editor and copywriter I have ever encountered. It is my belief that I will never need or want to look elsewhere for editorial support or copywriting…she’s that good!

Sarah K.P. Lundin

I recently finished my first manuscript and frankly was disappointed in the way it turned out. However, I was fortunate to find someone with the patience to help me through the rewriting process, and now I am an author. Reba Hilbert cared as much about my project as I did. She was always willing to answer questions, and her response time for answers and the copyediting of my manuscript was remarkably fast and thorough.

Marvin Wiebener, The Margin

Reba is one of the best editors I have worked with. Her work is thorough, reliable and efficient. She is always a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to even the pickiest of authors.

Lora Gallagher, Production Manager
Outskirts Press

Partial Client List:
Writer’s Relief, Inc.
Springboard Publishing Group
Capital Books
Dorchester Publishing
Outskirts Press
Siren Publishing
Arbor Books
Parlor Press
Charles River Press

Partial Listing of Edited Books:
Family Writes by Joel Epstein PhD and Peggy Epstein
Bye-Bye Boardroom
by Rachel Hamman

Capital Books
The Two Virtuals: New Media and Composition
by Dr. Alex Reid

Parlor Press
The Lily Brand
by Sandy Schwab

Dorchester Publishing
The Emmy Budd series by Jean Blasiar
The Blood Destiny series by Tessa Dawn

Charles River Press
Fearless Desires
and Fearless Love by Stacey Espino
Elysia’s Passion
by Robin Gideon
Heart of a Cowboy
by Missy Lyons
Mele Kalikimaka, Baby
by Melissa Schroeder
Wild Nights
by Rhea Regale
In Alien Arms
by Ellen Starr
Engaging Evelyn
by Jennifer Salaiz
Mating Games
by Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn
The Major’s Wife
by Beverly Sims
by Michele Zurlo
Of Night and Desire
by Mia Bailey

Siren Publishing

Plus nearly 300 self-published books; dissertations and graduate theses; and work by individual authors.