Dialogue Tags

One of the joys of reading short stories or novels is being transported into a different life, a different country, a different perspective. But when an author inadvertently makes his or her presence suddenly known, it’s jolting for the reader to be jerked back into reality. Sometimes an author commits the sin of “telling, notContinue Reading

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  1. After years of showing new writers how to use dialogue tags correctly, it’s nice to see a web site & blog that verifies to new writers what it’s all about. I was president ( I hate that term) … manager of a writing support group –“Writers’ Ink” for nine years. I led writing exercise, offered insights in writing effectively, and showed new writers how to use their writing tools correctly.

    “One of the worst problems for new writers is managing those pesky little quote marks and dialogue tags,” she noted with an air of snobbery toward the wannabe author who didn’t take time to look up the proper use of the quote marks for dialogue in the first place.

    • I agree, Rusty — take the time to do the most basic of research. When I see writing that butchers all the laws of punctuation, it usually means that the writer doesn’t read on a regular basis. And I don’t see how anyone could want to be a writer without first being an avid reader!

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